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Unique Character Decks

“I like the unique character decks and the cooperative nature of the game.”

- Neil Jones-Rodway

Veteran Game Designer

Fun Mechanics

“The mechanics are fun for sure. I enjoyed the randomization the cards gave and the special abilities characters had.”

- Samantha McDonald

Avid Gamer and All Round Nerd.

Beautiful World Art

“I really enjoy the class variation. The world is beautiful and as an artist myself, that is truly important when I am picking out games I enjoy playing.”

- Nicholas Hein

Artist and Founder of Warlock 3D Models.

Variety of Action Cards

“There is lots of variety of action cards, creatures, and enemies.”

- Rae Anne Henwood

Musician and Table Top Gamer.

Award Winning Graphic Designer and 2D animator

The team at Project Dark Water is happy to report that the Award winning Graphic Designer and 2D animator Luis R. Blanco is joining us in bringing our first title, Veil of Ruin, to Life.

Warlock 3D Models

Nicholas Hein from Warlock 3D Models will be personally creating miniatures for all the Veil of Ruin Heroes and a selection of our Monsters

Veil of Ruin Hero Designs

The Project Dark Water team is ecstatic to announce that Ni Yipeng (Nick), Will be doing the Hero Design for Veil of Ruin. Meet Nicks first creation Agron the Guardian.

Project Dark Water starts work on VEIL OF RUIN

We, the Project Dark Water team, are excited to announce our first independent title VEIL OF RUIN. Inspired by tabletop classics like Dungeons & Dragons and Magic

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