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Unique Character Decks

“I like the unique character decks and the cooperative nature of the game.”

- Neil Jones-Rodway

Fun Mechanics

“The mechanics are fun for sure. I enjoyed the randomization the cards gave and the special abilities characters had.”

- Samantha McDonald

Beautiful World Art

“I really enjoy the class variation. The world is beautiful and as an artist myself, that is truly important when I am picking out games I enjoy playing.”

- Nicholas Hein

Variety of Action Cards

“There is lots of variety of action cards, creatures, and enemies.”

- Rae Anne Henwood

Fight the Corruption that Plagues Orman


Over 50 unique bosses and minions as well as 2 Allies to help you in your journey, as you work together to fight the corruption that is killing Orman’s environment

Explore Orman through Legacy Campaign Mode


Venture through a 18×18” hex map of Orman, filled with different terrain types, random events, city ruins and more! Each 15-30 hour campaign comes with an adventure guide to help you navigate your way through the continent of Orman