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Project Dark Water starts work on VEIL OF RUIN



We, the Project Dark Water team, are excited to announce our first independent title VEIL OF RUIN.


Inspired by tabletop classics like Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, VEIL OF RUIN is a cooperative role-playing adventure game combined with tactical deck-building combat.

Brought to you by Project Dark Water – a team of award-winning artists, writers, and game designers – VEIL OF RUIN is an immersive cooperative gaming experience designed to give you hours of unique and ever-changing enjoyment. Thanks to VEIL OF RUIN’s quick setup and simple, yet intricate combat and adventure systems, you and your friends can go from opening the box to adventuring within minutes. Venture into the dangerous, dying Jungles of Orman, and help our unlikely Heroes as they begin their quest to save humanity from a seeping Corruption, and draw back the veil of ruin.


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